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  • Intertradedocs Pty Ltd is a proprietary company incorporated in Victoria, ACN 166 342 794.


    Our Policies that affect our customers' dealings with us, and that honour our statutory obligations, can be read below. Please contact us with any questions.


    Intertradedocs Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

    6 March 2014


    Intertradedocs takes the privacy, confidentiality and data security of our subscribers and visitors very seriously.


    Our privacy policy is governed by Australian law, the Privacy Act 1988 and its successor, the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 which amends the original Privacy Act 1988.


    For more information on these laws and their implications, please visit or


    Where this Privacy Policy mentions "required by law", it refers to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.


    This Privacy Policy governs the use of the site and the use by subscribers of the Intertradedocs software service hosted and accessible for subscribers through the site. From time to time we may make changes and additions to this Policy, and such changes will be published here.


    Intertradedocs gathers information about subscribers to the Intertradedocs software service. We gather that information only when subscribers or trial users give it to us, as part of arranging access to the software service.


    Intertradedocs may also gather information about visitors to the site who send a message to us using the form on the site.


    Intertradedocs does not collect or require or request sensitive information at any time, and will never request password or login details by email.


    Subscriber information is stored securely, and is never sold or given to any third party, whether in Australia or overseas, including other subscribers, unless required by law.


    Intertradedocs is unable to offer anonymity or pseudonymity to subscribers, owing to the constraints of the type of software service we provide. No part of the data we collect is displayed to the public at any time.


    However, Intertradedocs will provide information about its software service, within the limits of commercial confidentiality, without requiring the enquirer to identify themselves, within the constraints of requiring a legitimate email address for replies to enquiries made using the site message form.


    Intertradedocs uses Google Analytics to track traffic to the site, and to assist with Search Engine Optimisation. No part of that data is collected or stored by Intertradedocs.


    Intertradedocs uses cookies and javascript as part of providing the software service. Information gathered by these means is only that information required to provide the service, and is stored securely and not disclosed to any other party, unless required by law.


    Intertradedocs will not disclose that any subscriber is a subscriber without their express permission, unless required by law.


    Subscriber data is owned by the subscriber. To make sure that data is secure and only accessible by the subscriber, we use three levels of security. Data is not available to other subscribers or third parties, is encrypted in transit using SSL and is held on a secure server.


    Where a legal agency has required subscriber information, after all due process has been satisfied, Intertradedocs will provide only that information that has been legally approved for provision.


    Intertradedocs will also notify the subscriber that their information has been requested and provided and which data has been provided, unless we are satisfied that the law requires us not to do so.


  • Service Delivery

    Intertradedocs makes every effort to deliver your service promptly. In most cases we can deliver immediately, and we strive to provide updated services to subscribers within 24 hours.


    To assist us in providing this service, we ask that you please make sure you have arranged your Free Trial with Intertradedocs Support. We will then contact you in advance of your first subscription payment date to confirm that you wish to subscribe. Your change to active subscriber will be automatic on the date your first payment is made.


    If you wish to take up a subscription without first using the Free Trial, Intertradedocs Support will arrange the activation of the subscription on the date of payment.


    Should there be any problems, caused by Intertradedocs' not making your login available on time, your subscription date will be extended to make sure you receive the full month's access to the service.


  • Returns and Refunds

    Subscription charges cover your use of the Intertradedocs software service for one month or any part thereof. Once payment has been made for the coming month, you have access to the software service for the next calendar month. If you wish to discontinue use of Intertradedocs, simply refrain from paying your subscription fee, and your access will be discontinued.

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