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Intertradedocs is your solution to professional, globally compliant export documents DESIGNED BY AN EXPORTER FOR EXPORTERS

International freight travels by road, sea and air as shown in this image. Correct export documentation is crucial to effective, on-time export shipments.

Intertradedocs is the leader in innovative, cloud based export documentation software

"Documentation is a vital part of sales, and especially export sales; the documents are not only the instrument for getting paid, but the instrument by which the buyer is able to access their goods. All countries have import regulations, and the incoming consignments must pass through the local customs authorities as well as any governing industry bodies. To get through this process, importing countries rely on the documents provided by the exporting country to verify compliance with local regulations."


Intertradedocs is the first platform independent cloud based software designed to produce globally acceptable (UN standard) commercial export documents.


IT Docs will save you time and money, and take the stress out of clearing customs worldwide.

  • User Friendly


    Creating your documents is easy
    Enter your parties
    Enter your products
    Create your shipment
    Print your documents

  • Access Anywhere


    All you need is an Internet connection. Compatible with most browsers. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Use on PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, Android tablet or phone.

  • Core Documents


    Proforma invoice, commercial and/or export invoice, packing list, packing declaration, shippers letter of instruction.

  • UN Standard


    Designed based on UNLK (United Nations Layout Key). Includes mandatory fields as well as unique identifier matching all documents for a particular shipment.

  • Custom Documents


    Create custom documents where you decide the title and content while maintaining the UN format.

  • Security


    IT Docs has a premier SSL certificate, and multiple server locations. All data transfers are encrypted and backed up frequently.

  • Support


    Comprehensive online help files. Email or phone support. Training available on request (in house or remote).

  • Payment Options


    Payment options are flexible to suit customer needs. Billed in local currency. No hidden costs. Upgrades and enhancements included.

"Good partnerships yield mutual benefits & satisfaction"


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